Monday, July 26, 2010

It's like when your toys come to life when you leave the room...

For whatever reason, my simulation no longer works. On Friday, I made all kinds of cool and interesting adjustments to my Search code that allowed each galaxy to have a range of scale sizes and absolute magnitudes, not just the one specific to AndXIX. It worked out great, and I made some beautiful figures with the output files on the data that matched.

Today, I was tweaking the code SO slightly, and now the search code won't detect anything anymore. I tried going back to the original version from this morning, and no luck. It won't work. Something must have been changed, but where?? In order to proceed, I need to learn how to go back to previous versions on our version-controlled svn directory.

This is all too bad, too, because the small change I'm making is going to make the search and match process a lot more exact. Instead of having all of the detections compared to the inserted galaxies, only the detections from a given run will be compared to the galaxies of that same run. That way, we know the detections are really being matched to a single galaxy. I'm eager to do this, and would like to get past this other problem...

Tomorrow, I suppose... Only 4 days left!

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