Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more detection tests

Not a ton of new stuff, unfortunately, considering it's been a week, but progress is being made.

Earlier this week, I finished up some RCS2 tests, and looked at the results when 100% of the background was placed with the input stealths. Depending on the detectability threshold used during SPHEREMATCH, the algorithm found anywhere between 23 and 31 out of the 40 stealths... not too shabby.

Yesterday, I worked to generalize all the code for SDSS and clean up the repository so that all SDSS and RCS2 code were in separate subdirectories. I was simultaneously working to run similar detectability tests with the SDSS data when Beth realized that the data we got was faulty. Instead of giving nice, clean, rectangular strips, it gave curved bits that were hard to analyze. So, when I ran the tests, nothing popped out.

Now, I have a tiny chunk of SDSS data to play with, but something's still wrong. I've run many tests this morning, and even when I shrink the "stealths" to a concentrated area (half-light radius of 100pc), and lighten the background to 1/100 of the full dataset, hardly any detections are found, and all detections are placed in the "weak" category. There must be a bug somewhere, but I've been reading and re-reading all my code, and can't seem to find the problem. Maybe this little SDSS dataset isnt' much better? It's not a prefect rectangle, but instead looks like a staircase within the box. I wonder if this is the issue...

Either way, there's a week and half left, and this project will soon be coming to a close! My goal for the end is to have the code be fully debugged and generalized so it can be used by anyone who picks up this project, (myself included?). It would also be nice to have some semi-concrete results from these detectability tests so we can know how to proceed. Finally, it's important for me to have a fully updated LaTeX document, so I can have an available summary of my work from this summer.

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