Thursday, July 29, 2010

One more day and much to do...

With one work day left, there's a ton to be done and tied up before I get out of here. Here's my to-do list as given by Beth this morning:

1. Run a BIG simulation of 4000 fake galaxies
2. Create a code that visualizes detectability as a function of galaxy size and total absolute magnitude
3. Run a few mini-tests to make sure that the results from my simulation match up with the results from Shane Walsh's simulation in "The Invisibles" paper.

I've made progress on the second two tremendously since morning, but they won't be done until I have more time to spend with them tomorrow. The big simulation will be run overnight-- It should take about 15 hours.

But there are updates, too! Beth found a bug in my old OLD code that generated the number of stars in a galaxy given a total absolute magnitude. It was only producing about half the number of stars it should have, thus making WAY too stealthy. Now, the detections are stronger. (Maybe too strong?) Beth says it will be necessary to go over every line of code before making any weighty conclusions from this, but if this many galaxies are truly being detected (~150/400), then we can say that Andromeda XIX - type galaxies do not exist around the Milky Way because they would have been detected by now...

All for now. Tomorrow's going to be a big day

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  1. Other things before you go (sorry) - to get me your most up-to-date pdf document for my records and to share with Jen to get her oriented to the group's current research. If you have real free time (hah) - carefully add the many new files/directories into the svn repository... at least the newest post-bug test(s).