Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Simulated Stealths Hidden!

Code written, and now the simulated stealths are "stuffed" into the RCS2 background! I even had some figures to bring to group meeting today, showing the CMD and positions for one "layer" of the simulation. The position graph pointed out a flaw in my coding, and I was able to correct it later this afternoon.

Hooray! SO, NEXT STEP: tweaking the code so it stuffs in 1 dwarf at a time, instead of 5. Figure out how long that takes. THEN: Run Beth's search algorithm, and compare output to input to see which stealths pop out, and which are too stealthy to be caught! (i.e., finding a possible detectability limit.) ALONG THE WAY: output data on distance, and central RAs and DECs of each galaxy into an ascii file.

This is quite great progress from one week ago. I'd like to think I'm getting better (good, even?) at complex code writing.

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