Monday, July 5, 2010

Still tugging away

Still working on complex coding. Right now, I'm concentrating on creating a file that simulates 50 fakes-- 10 each at 5 different distances. More FOR loops, and FOR loops inside FOR loops, and IF statements, and stuffing all of that into a data structure...

I will admit, I am feeling a little lost. This morning, I've been trying to debug old problems from Firday, as well as adding new layers onto the process. It's getting frustrating, because I'm losing sight of what I'm actually trying to do. (Maybe blogging all of this out will help.)

So, the steps for this process are as follows. My confusion comes when trying to think about the ORDER these steps need to fall in:

- using previously written code, simulate magnitudes (in both r and g band), magnitude errors, and x&y positions from the center of the fake (in units of arcmin) for each individual star in each simulated dwarf.

- For the above, simulate over 5 distance categories: 50, 100, 200, 300, and 500 kpc.

- For the above, simulate 10 times for each distance category

- Take data from all 50 simulated fake dwarf galaxies, and stuff into fits binary table. Every star should also have a reference number 1-50 that associates it with its galaxy.


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