Friday, June 18, 2010

Something to show for the past four weeks

I have the most beautiful LaTeX document that has ever been made. Or, at least I think so, (in a maternal way).

Let me tell you a little about it. First and foremost, it documents every piece of valuable work I have done over the past four weeks. It has every derivation, every error calculation, every figure, every investigation... I'm very proud.

Also, all the bits and pieces are in the places I want them to be! I know, I know-- I vowed yesterday not to consume my time with layouts, but I did it anyway. Although, it didn't really take too much of my time. There are apparently plenty of people out there who are frustrated with this flaw of LaTeX, and several of them wrote about how to fix those problems and published their findings on the wonderful World Wide Web.

Also, in addition to the sections I planned to write as I posted on Tuesday, I also wrote a section analyzing the depths of different stellar data sets in hopes of eventually simulating fake dwarf galaxies. By looking at data sets from 5 dwarfs, and a data set from one globular cluster, I was able to determine which would provide the best CMD to model our fake dwarf on. (Turned out to be Ursa Minor, but I'll let you read the document for the reasons why.)

Next week, I'll (hopefully) start writing the code to make these fake dwarfs, either with this data from Ursa Minor, or from simulations from a program called StarFISH.

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