Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday Updates

I've got to keep track of what I'm doing, so I feel like I'm making progress, right?! So, some lists of things I've done, am doing now, and will be doing later. Must be in list form, because at 11:57, my blood sugar is running a little low before the lunch-hour.

What I did yesterday:
- Wrote section (3) of the LaTeX document and inserted all figures. LaTeX sucks at putting figures where I want them. Gail says to just let it be. I've poked and prodded and made some progress, but it still doesn't look great.
- Finished Method 2 for Calculating Avg Surface Brightness at Half-Light Radius-- (That REALLY needs an abbreviation... AvSB@HLR?)-- and then compared it graphically to Method 1.
- Went to a talk by Peter Love about "the foundational questions in quantum mechanics". It was designed to be for anyone doing research this summer, not just a physics audience. It was a great talk. I sat next to my Enviornmental Biologist/Chemist roomate, and she enjoyed it fully, too.

What I've done this morning:
- Put the Methodology comparison figure into LaTeX. Proofread and edited the whole document. Played with page formatting a little more, not a lot of luck having figures go where I want them. (I'm deciding RIGHT NOW to no longer waste time dwelling on making this document look great. I have other stuff I need to be doing.)

What I'll do this afternoon:
-finally get to analyzing different dwarfs (and one Globular Cluster) to see how good they would be as sources to make fake dwarfs for our algorithm.
- put those conclusions into the LaTeX document

In the meanwhile-- Mimi is being AWESOME and decided to take on a calculation Beth requested from France-- something about changing the units of our RA and DEC data. I must admit, it didn't sound too fun, so I'm grateful Mimi volunteered...

As an exciting side note: Beth's using one of my figures in her talk tomorrow in Lyon!!

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